Cartoon Network EMEA
Cartoon Network Logo



Owned By:

Turner Broadcasting

Broadcast Area

Most of Europe, Western Asia, Africa


English, Dutch, Arabic, Czech, Russian, Greek Subtitles

Sister Channels

Boomerang EMEA+CEE

Cartoon Network Classic

Former Logo

Cartoon Network EMEA Is used in many areas wich includes Most of Europe, Parts of Asia and Africa. Cartoon Network EMEA Is advert Free. In some countries Cartoon Network EMEA is recived as Cartoon Network/TCM (eg. Greece, Netherlands on Canal +) and some may revive the 24 hour (eg. Arabia and Netherlands). Cartoon Network EMEA Is mainly in English and Dutch Audio and also provides Arabic, Czech and Ruusia audio soundtracks but also provides Greek Subtitles. Cartoon Network EMEA Uses Boomerang EMEA+CEE As a Boomerang.

Current ShowsEdit

External LinksEdit

English Oficial Site

Dutch Official Site

Czech Official Site

Russian Official Site

Belgium Official Site

Press Office

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